Conserve Wildlife

15 Nov, 2018

Wildlife is a precious gift of god to this planet .Like forests wildlife is also an important partwhich helps in maintaining ecological balance .Deforestation is also one of the main reason for the loss of wildlife.Killing of wild animals for their meat ,bones,fur,teeth,hair ,skin are going on throughout the world .Therefore the need for conservation of wildlife become a necessity.We take certain steps to adopt a system of wildlife management through trained personnel.One of the best school in Himachal Pradesh Kullu works on the holistic development of children and school focus on wildlife conservation and teaches the students the effects of wildlife degradation and exploitation so for us as a human being become great responsibility to save the wildlife.We should make special arrangements to protect these species whose number is very less and should have the feeling of love and care towards them.We should protect wildlife from pollution and from natural hazards and protect habitat by protecting forests Each organism on this Earth has a unique place in food chain this helps to contribute to ecosystem.Inform the police or concerned  authorities about any illegal activity involving wildlife.One of the prestigious school contribute in conserving wildlife by refusing to buy things made from the bodies of animals such as such as their bones,horns,fur skin and feathers .If soon no steps are taken to save wildlife ,it would be no longer when we will find list of extinct species. In truth ,wildlife conservation is reliant on future generation.So for us as a human being become great responsibility to save the wildlife .


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