Conflicts can harm both the Powerful and Powerless

22 Mar, 2019


I the student of La Montessori School is hereby to express my own views on a very interesting topic “conflict can harm both powerful and powerless”. Due to the holistic development of mine, from my the school which is best in valley .I am able express my views .Now what’s a conflict, it is a disagreement between two or more and the answer in justified in the topic itself that conflict causes harm this topic can be related to our past, present and future. History is a good example  that wars have never solve the problem taking the example of World war 1 and 2 were the allies and central power namely to be powerful and citizens to be powerless and this first modern industrial war resulted in economic and agricultural depressions A present example of India and Pakistan.  India being powerful ranking the 3rd position  in the world army is still facing the draw backs of the war and Pakistan a terrorist country namely powerless is still facing troubles with results harm to both the powerful and powerless Conflicts can never solve problems in fact it leads to problems and a future example will justify it. The conflict between the nature and humans namely powerful and powerless as conflict comes with destruction it’s definitely going to get proved in future due to the fury of nature in fact it concludes that wars or conflict has never good and will never be good.And at last I want to thank my school who are making the students future ready with empowering skill development in each of us.

Anadeeka Gautam