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    Being part of one of the most popular and best school of the valley is really a great pleasure from me and in fact for other students. Daily we  learn something new from this school and participate in different types of activities promoted b

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    Article 370

    Being a part of the most prestigious school of valley is really honorable with the most supportive teachers and academic system. Not only academic but holistic development is also taken care of with the giving a chance for extracurricular activit

  • May


    “How animals see us”

    Different animals have different kinds of color vision. Some have very poor colour vision and others have very good color vision. In fact some birds and bees have super colour vision and can see colors that humans don't see. Some examples of thes

  • Apr


    Life Beyond Earth

    Universe is an unraveled mystery and it is vast and is very important to us for skill development. It consists of billions of galaxies which are composed of billions of stars and planets, interstellar clouds and other celestial bodies. But planet

  • Apr


    Hubble Space Telescope

    The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is a space telescope that was launched into low earth orbit in 1990 and remains in operation. It was not the first space telescope, but it is one of the largest and most versatile and is w

  • Apr


    • Mission Shakti

    How you ever thought of a space mechanism that would protect India from a space attack?  Of  course,  there’s a thing that resists the space attack of any satellite. It is Mission Shakti. It is a joint program of the  De

  • Apr


    Protect our species. 

    We are lucky to have a very rich biodiversity on Earth as we have a company of more than 8 million species as per latest most accurate scientific estimate; although we have only described about 1.6 million species yet. Cataloguing all may take up

  • Apr


    Can artificial intelligence lead to Human Extinction

    Artificial intelligence or AI is the biggest inventions by humans. The AI technology can make our life easy as they can do many of our work.For example in China there are robots that sweep floor, serve food etc. AI's intelligence is useful for ex