Multiverse Theory of Universe

08 Sep, 2022

Today I am telling a theory on the existence of other parallel universe. So my basic idea of this theory comes originally from the “Multiverse Theory” from the famous scientist Stephen Hawking. Which we have learnt in La Montessori School. Theory of Stephen Hawking and his idea was that our universe is just one of the infinite numbers of universes that exist. He was trying to tell that all the universes are bubbles that lie in the void or basically in emptiness. If this theory is true then all infinite universes may come with different laws of nature. And an infinite no. of universes comes with infinite possibilities which we learnt in smart class as well. That means that anyone that is like you in every way imaginable is doing what you are doing at the exact same time and manner in another universe. But that also means that there is a universe where you don’t even exist or are the polar opposite of what you are right now. The Multiverse is a really interesting topic and has no actual limits but our universe alone is no less. Our observable universe has a radius of 14.259 billion parsec that makes the diameter 28.518 billion parsec (1parsec = 3.262 light years and 1light year = more than 9 trillion km). So that gives a large chance of other planets with life or the plants which can be made capable of sustaining life for example: - Kepler-442b, Kepler-62e, Gliese-581d and etc.

Though you will hear different reasons why people think this theory is true and everyone may have different opinions but there is no logical way to actually prove the theory right or wrong unless we achieve a space travel vehicle capable of travelling almost 375,000,000 per year because the average life span of a human is 72 years and a healthy human can live up to 80 years.

Anshuman Gupta