22 Oct, 2022

It’s easy to look at today’s generation of teenagers and say they’ babied, oversensitive and have a sense of entitlement.

 If I were given the choice between being a teenager now or 30 years ago, I’d take 30 years ago any day of the week. Young people growing up today have challenges more difficult to navigate. They’re living in a world completely different from the one we grew up in and we can’t rely on our ow

n teenage experience to guide them effectively.

Imagine having a film crew document your teen years and then post it all online. Think about every dumb or immature thing you did or said in high school or college. The internet has provided a permanent and public place for all of that to be exposed and mercilessly judged. Privacy is nonexistent. There’s always someone, documenting teens’ every move and word.

School has led to a higher level of expectations in academics and do well in sports. Every parent wants their kid to be a doctor or an engineer. They’re forced. With that, social media has led to increase in anxiety and depression among teens.

The internet is their world and the stream of information is constant. Sure, they can decide not to go on, but that’s like telling a teen to stay in his or her room for all of high school. It’s not realistic. Teens are online and they’re going to encounter everything offered, positive and negative. Unfortunately, the negative can do major damage. A kid being bullied at school could, at least, find a safe haven at home. But there is no safe haven from cyberbullying.

Thank You

Kavyam Thakur