01 Dec, 2018

The earth provides all the materials required for living being to survive and thrive on this planet. Natural resources are what we call these materials. Some basic examples of natural resources are air, water, sunlight, soil, coal and oil. Any resources depleted when we use it up faster than it can be replenished. Resources such as sunlight and wind are renewable and other resources such as fossil fuels are non renewable .They are being consumed faster than they can be replenished.  Resources such as wind and sunlight are renewable while other resources such as fossil fuels are non- renewable. As life spans and population of the country have increased, the demand made upon these resources has become increasingly unsustainable. There are two types of resources renewable and non-renewable. RENEWABLE RESOURCES-renewable resources are resources that are replaced over time and therefore can be used repeatedly. Some good examples are water, wind and sunlight. NON-RENEWABLE RENEWABLE RESOURCES—these kinds of resources are finite. They either cannot be replaced or are replaced very slowly. Either type of resources can be depleted if its rate of consumption is higher than its rate of replacement. However, earth’s resources are limited and eventually supply won’t be able to meet the demand. Best schools in kullu creating the awareness among the students for save resources.  Environmental pollution such as soil pollution etc. may cause natural resources to disappear. The environmental pollution caused by human ultimately leads to global depletion we see water all around. Therefore there is 70percent water on earth, but only 2.5 percent is fresh water. There are several causes which effect the depletion of our natural resources, such as overconsumption and waste, deforestation and the destruction of eco system, mining of minerals and oil, technological and industrial development, erosion, pollution, and contamination of resources. At last but not   the least, over population. With 7 billion   people on the planet, the demands on earth’s resources continuous to increase. There are some of the major causes of the depletion of the natural resources on our planet. Best school in Himachal Pradesh organizing the program to skill develop of students. We are finally waking up to the fact that everything on our planet  is finite and our overconsumption  of these resources will leave us without the fact and mean to survive very shortly. We should show love and care toward the nature otherwise the future generation has to be ready to face a difficult situation. Although we have quality education the fact is unless we regulate the consumption of resources are likely to run out of them much sooner than we realise.Government and organization need to start looking into alternative overall development    of energy such as solar and wind energy .It is time to thing beyond profit and convenience . If we do not do now, it will be too late when we do start. We have swung into action, but a lot more need to be done before things can be changed.


  • Save Trees
  • Do not pollute water
  • Stop overfishing
  • Less consumption of Fossil Fuels
  • The most – involvement in saving nature

                                                                                                    “RESOURCES ARE TREASURE

  SAVE THEM FOR PLEASURE”                                                                                                                                                                           

Contribution by:  Shivansh Shandilya and Shivangi Sharma

Class: 6th