Education is a lifelong learning process. Learning happens all the time. It happens in the home, between home and school too. The mission of school is to provide a learning environment and opportunities to grow the potentials of children.
La Montessori School prepares students to face the challenge and competition in the modern world. Our academic programs are innovative in introducing latest teaching methodologies. We encourage students to develop their thoughts and ideas and inculcate social values also. We also give emphasis on five elements of education- context, experience, reflection and evaluation between parents students and teachers. We develop students not only to gather information but make them to grow so that they can bring their information and knowledge into actions and reality. This can lead in their growth from information to transformation. The practical experience of learning enables students to do something in their hands, mind and heart.
We also give emphasis on creativity so that students should be curious to know what is happening around them. We want to develop students on four levels- physical, mental, emotional and social. The role of the parents and teachers on the education process as partnership is encouraged.
We have introduced online classes to face any kind of challenge to keep social distancing to face critical disease like Corona Virus. The aim to introduce online classes is not only to face social distancing due to Corona virus but, if we have to teach students in any kind of emergency in distance learning we will keep online classes continue in future also.