01 Mar, 2019

In Himachal Pradesh poor condition of road is blamed for frequent road accident but till date neither the condition of these roads has been improved nor have adequate crash barriers been installed. Even the black spot identified by the experts too not have been improved. Best school in kullu organize extra- curricular programme which giving the extra knowledge to students. Due to poor condition of transport infrastructure of Shimla which is not provided safe transport to public. On an average 12 person died in accident in 48 hour 41 people die in Chamba, Kinnaur and Shimla districts. During last 10 years till 2015 Himachal has witnessed in total around 29555 road accidents across the states. In an accident when 6 people including 2 women were killed when a car skidded of the road and fell into the George near Kholagali between theog and Chalia. In Himachal Pradesh travelling in buses become risky affairs for passenger as a poor condition of road and rash driving. Government appoint best faculty to teach the bus drivers safety rules and organizing awareness programme time to time. Many private bus drivers have done rash and neglect driving rules. Government made new laws to give punishment that had not followed the safety rules and ensure that must we implemented.  In some places people are teaching students about road safety. This is how they are empowering students about road safety measures. If the road accident continuously   happens the tourist from all over the world scare to come Himachal and it will affect the overall development of Himachal. The road can become future ready by proper maintenance of roads. In Shimla when roads are the main mode of transportation with limited rail and air connectivity successive governments have make them safer for commuters. Himachal Pradesh witnessed average 3000 road accident each year killing over 1000 people and leaving over 5000 injured. Best schools in Himachal Pradesh had given quality education to students that they must followed all safety rules and use their creative minds to made new safety rules. Government spends more money on road maintenance and awareness programme.It is a duty of Government to provide safe transport to public.

Contribution by: Vashali and Yajushi