Switzerland The Nuclear And Future Ready Nation

15 Mar, 2019

Switzerland is situated in the centre of Europe and surrounded by Germany, France, Austria, and Italy. However it is in the centre of Europe, but not attached with European Union as well as the North Atlantic Treaty organization. It is neutral and peaceful country of the world. It has not led any War from about 200 years ago.  Its last fight was against Napoleon Bonaparte in 1815. It is the world's 37th country according to power. Switzerland provided quality education to students with best faculty. It is not a powerful country that’s why no other country attacks on it, while France and Germany are much aggressive countries in Wars. The reason is because it is separated through Alps Mountain from South the Italy and Austria; Jora Mountains from Northwest separate it with France.  North East has the Swiss plateau, where it has most danger for any attack but, from there it has some special powerups.Switzerland all people are busy with extra-curricular activities. There are bunkers machine guns and other mechanical weapons, there are about 26000 bunkers. The bunkers are hidden in the form of rocks, homes, which are not easy to recognize whether it is bunker or a normal house  All the roads and bridges of Switzerland are design in such a way that these can be blasted by just pressing a remote. This will make the roads and bridges to be broken and big rocks would be blasted through detonators which would cause landslides. It is future ready country for any War. Switzerland government provides the safe transport to public .It has The National Red out. According to this, every man have to go for military of 170 days for basic training and then the person can keep their weapons in their homes. It is the only nation to gather more than two lakh people within 72 hours. Switzerland is only country who have ability to keep all of its population under shelter during the Global nuclear war or World War 3. It can keep 114% of its population very easily for 4 months. Every luxury building in Switzerland is but after 1978 according to a law that is, every building should have a nuclear shelter that could spare 12 megaton of nuclear blast in about 700 meter range . Till 2006 there were 86 lakh houses with nuclear shelter. The creative mind of Switzerland tells us that it would be the safest country during the World War 3 or the Global nuclear war.



Contribution By: Arpita and Rashi

Class: IX