Malanas: A Forbidden Village Of Superior

01 May, 2019

Malana is an ancient village in Kullu Valley and is considered as one of the oldest democracy in world. This village is popularly known as village of Taboos. It is like a sacred book of fabled folklore, a sanctimonious land for the people who reside in it. The village still holds onto its be lives and customs strongly. Best school kullu organized the field trip to this village with best faculty.Kanashi or Raksh is the local language of Malana and does not sound like any of the dialects spoken in its neighboring village and the language is also consider being one of the villages that outside from the other village are not allowed to use. Government provides the safe transport services to this village. A large number of tourists came here. The traveler visits the village. They welcome the travelers and try to provide them the best facility with great love and care. The village is govern by a bicameral parliament, consisting of lower house called Kanisthang and an upper house called the Jayeshthang.The village administration is democratic and is believed by locals to the oldest republic of world. The village is trying to change their status of living by holistic development. The village has several ancient temples "Jamble temple inkathkuni style, with wooden crafting and deer heads."Rukmini temple. The economy of Malana was traditional based on making baskets, ropes and slippers from hemp. Government opens school here for providing quality education. Marijuana was cultivated as a legal cash crop from centuries. There is a skill development  programs organized by the government in Malana village .Malana village is ever so famous for its hash but there is a lot more to it. Malana is much more than it seems for it is a wonder.

 Sonali Thakur

Class: X