Annual Function

01 Nov, 2019

Every child is gifted with certain talent but a platform or an opportunity is required to showcase the talent, the best school in kullu i.e. L.M.S. Dunkhra provides such opportunity by conducting its annual function. 24th of November(2019) was the day when L.M.S Dunkhra celebrated its annual function.  But the preparations begin almost two to three weeks in advance with lots of rehearsals. Not only the students worked hard but also the teacher i.e. the best faculty contributed equally for making this day successful.

7As the last year annual function was memorable so the aim of LMS was to make this event even more memorable with the theme of celebrating Bharat.The event started and the invited parents were given hand made flags as badges. The various performances started with the Puja dance after which the parents were welcomed with the welcome dance of  the children of class M1.The various dance and acts were performed that were related to a certain theme including the great India's festivals, relations, tribes, zumba, history etc. Afterwards their was refreshment for the invited parents, that was well organised by the faculty.The parents were enjoying to their fullest that was clearly visible with the claps at the ending of every performance. But the event was coming to an end and the parents were enjoying the last verse of the event. The principal speech was held that was followed by the great grand blend and a conclusion blend that were the heart of this event. With the ending of conclusion blend Respected Lalita Ma’am gave a speech addressing the hard work done by the students and the overall development being provided to the creative minds of L.M.S. .After this the school song was sung that remarked the ending of the prestigious event given by a prestigious school.

L.M.S. believes that beside providing quality education, it is necessary to groom every student in other fields of life. However, the main motive of this day is to showcase the talent of the children before their parents so that they also come to know about the wing given to them by L.M.S..


Manish Singh Gusain