“Celebration of Himachal Day”

25 Apr, 2018

“Desha Na Shobla, Desha Na Pyara

Aisa Bola HimahchalMhara Ho”………Every year Himachal Day is celebrated on 15th April in Himachal Pradesh. All have participated in the event with the great enthusiasm and number of Coruscating performance were given by the students. Students of class 8th and 9th  performed the folk dance of Kullu known as Natti which was the rousting performance. Natti represent the folk of Kullu, which adds to Himachal traditions. Girls of class 7th and 8th also gave mesmerizing dance performance related to folk Himachal’s tradition and folk is famous throughout the country. The students of class 4th and 5th sand a patriotic song  “YehMeera Himachal” generated a Patriotic feeling towards state. All this made realize the importance of culture and tradition and helped in building a f