01 Jun, 2019

La Montessori School the best CBSE board School in Parvathi Valley was flourished buy the fancy dress competition held in the school which developed the creative mind of the Montessori. There were different types of colorful dresses. The most of them were Army boys, Kullvi boy / girl, newspaper mobile phone, water droplet, fairy, princess etc. The introduction of them was amazing and they were giving their opinion by they become the character portrait. The word so confident and the one who were right to the winners were Avni, Akshara, Akarshit, Bhargav, Kritika, Anwesha and Aradhya of our junior wing. The skill development of the students made by the best faculty in the school. The quality education made the students be more attractive towards such competition in the School thus making it the best school in Himachal Pradesh. The students were so beautiful and seemed to be the real portrait of their character. 

  Hence being a Montessorian the overall development is a major feature of the school. 

Contribution by Arpita Class IX