17 Aug, 2019

“Freedom is never dear at any price

                      It is the breath of life”

“Sare Jahan Se Acha Hindustan Humara”

Independence Day in La Montessori School Dunkhra was celebrated to the best. This occasion started with great joy, proud and enthusiasm on everyone’s face. M1 class was appropriate to start the great day with a dance performance. Everyone was taken away by the cuteness and innocence of little ones. This showed the overall development of the students of Montessori. The creative minds of the students made the occasion great and successful. After that students of class fourth performed on the song “Teri Mitti” which was the tribute to Indian soldiers. This made us remember the scarifies of our great freedom fighters. Teachers gave slogans on Independence Day and also took part in the occasion. The slogans boosted up the confidence and feeling of patriotism in every student. The love and care showed by the teachers as well as the students was the source the overall development in Montessori. Then the students of class 3rd performed on enthusiastic folk fusion to increase the level for Holistic development. This was not the end yet still there were students of class 6th with a performance on song “Aye Vatan”. Students of class 5th ,6th and 7th performed on mashup India. Teachers as well as students also sang songs on this auspicious occasion. This occasion was the best occasion till now in the Montessori. All the students were happily participating and occasion brought them together for enjoying the Independence day. The occasion ended with the speech of Principal Ma’am which was inspirational and motivational for students as well as for teachers. This shows that La Montessori school is the best CBSE school in Parvati Valley. And at the end of the occasion all the students as well as teachers gave salute to the nation and nation's heroes. We all were feeling proud to be an Indian.  

Jai hind ..........

 Arpita Class X