Election in India

08 Nov, 2022

India is a democratic country and importance of election in a democratic country could never be neglected. Elections in India play a very vital role in the country’s politics and its overallIMG_20221108_145946 growth and development. During the British rule, India was under the Constitutional Monarchy of the British Queen and did not have any self government. However after the independence it became a democratic republic country with a government which is chosen through the hands of its citizen.BEST SCHOOL FROM HIMACHAL PRADESH GIVES US DUTIE TO GATHER IN FORMATION.
The major types of elections which are held in India are Presidential, Lok Sabha (General Election), Rajya Sabha, State Legislature and local body. The elections in which the public is directly involved are the General Elections (MP) and State Legislature Assembly (MLA) for the election of Prime Minister and Chief Minister of state, respectively.
What is the Role of Election Commission of India?
Election Commission of India is the apex autonomous electoral agency of India which is involved in supervising and administering the complete election process.
The election process in India starts with the declaration of the election dates followed by filing of nomination by the candidates which is scrutinized and accepted by the election commission. The voting is conducted on the election date in the respective constituencies through Electronic Voting Machines (EVM). Any Indian citizen who has attained the age of 18 years having a valid proof of identity can cast his vote in the election. The votes are counted on the result declaration day and the candidates with higher number of votes are declared winner.. BEST SCHOOL FROM KULLU WANTED THAT THERE STUDENTS HAVE CREATIVE MINDS. 
What is the Importance of Election Campaign
The significance of Election Campaign during election could be understood from the fact that a huge amount of expenditure is incurred by the political parties on these campaigns. It plays an important role in election.
Platform for DebateIMG_20221108_145837
Political Campaigns also provide a platform for healthy debate between political rivals. It gives them an equal chance to showcase their achievements and highlight the weaknesses of their rivals which helps the public to frame their opinion for the election.
Reach Out to Public
Reaching out to public is also an important step to understand the ground reality of a region and Election Campaign makes it possible through local public meetings, open talks, personal communication, direct public interactions etc.
Election Campaign in India   
Political parties in India gear up for the election campaign just before the start of the election. The campaign starts by organising mammoth rallies, large public meetings, door to door canvassing, extravagant road shows etc. Campaigning is also done through mass advertising via print and electronic media.
Newspapers, radios, televisions etc are highly used for the election campaign highlighting the achievements, policies and promises of the political parties. With the availability of most affordable internet services, election campaigns have gone digital and made their way to social media platforms also.
Benefits of Political Campaigns
From the perspective of the political parties, Election Campaigns plays a significant role in persuading the voters in the election process. It helps them to reach out to the public for direct interaction and share their policies and promises.
From the perspective of public, election campaigns help to know the candidates, their policies and frame an opinion towards them. It also gives a platform where they can highlight their issues and have direct talks with the candidates.
Election in India is considered as the festival of democracy because this is the day which gives immense power to the public to exercise their voting right which could change the destiny of a nation. Elections are also a platform on which a voter sees a new light of hope to strengthen the country and a ray of nation building Elections and Election Campaigns signify the presence of a healthy democracy in a country. It gives a fair option to the public to vote for a right candidate and a stable government. Election Campaigns may sometimes be luring, deceptive and misleading too hence an individual should always rely on his instinct and intelligence before arriving at any decision and use his voting right sensibly.
 Viniket Ratan Bhardwaj