Women’s Empowerment Day

08 Mar, 2023

The History Behind Women's Day

Why March 8th is designated Women's Day. There is, however, a brief 109-year history surrounding it. A political party in America commemorated 15,000 women who demonstrated in New York City in 1909 against concerns like low wages, equal opportunities, and no voting rights. 

Initially observed on March 8th, it was originally known as National Women's Day. As word of this spread, annual celebrations were held worldwide. The United Nations first acknowledged International Women's Day in 1975, and starting in 1996, Women's Day became a theme to celebrate women in the community. BEST SCHOOL FROM HIMACHAL PRADESH GIVES US DUTIE TO GATHER IN FORMATION.

The Importance of Women's Day

International Women's Day aims to promote and proclaim to the globe that all genders should be treated equally. The day's goal was to highlight many facets of a woman's life in a world dominated by men, alter people's perspectives around the world, and influence the world positively.

Men continue to be permitted to make crucial decisions affecting women, such as abortion, and pay is still determined by gender. Additionally, there are still unacknowledged persistent forces. Therefore, we need a day to initiate discussions and open agendas that demand attention on a worldwide scale.

The necessity for a women's day arises from the fact that women are frequently the targets of preconceived notions about what they can and cannot do. They encounter discriminatory conduct from others, and data indicate that women still have less access to education than men.

Four out of every five women encounter harassment. They are incredibly prone to experience domestic abuse and sexual assault as children. Every day, more than 30,000 girls are coerced into underage marriages; other girls suffer from illicit trafficking and female genocides.

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An Educated and An Independent Woman 

The duty of empowering women is enormous, and gender equality demands it. In addition, a culture that values women equally and does not take them for granted is a better society. Women used to be confined to their houses and prohibited from leaving the place to work.

Today, women have equal employment opportunities and are permitted to compete with males, occasionally surpassing them in many industries. Today's women realise they have the skills and potential to leave the house and contribute positively to their community. Women's participation strengthens peace agreements, strengthens society, and strengthens economies.

Women in the current day no longer rely on men. She is capable of accomplishing everything like men and is independent and self-assured. Additionally, we should respect each of them for their unique identities rather than their gender.

Furthermore, we must acknowledge that men and women contribute equally to improving the household and society. Women are the source of life. And every woman is exceptional, whether she works from home or an office.


Women of today unquestionably live in a better world than women of the past. However, there are still issues that require attention. Despite all the efforts, the average woman still works twice as much as the average guy but is underpaid. They endure horrific atrocities and intimidation to fulfil their true desires.

Women now hold the highest positions in every industry and take on the most extraordinary responsibilities that history has ever seen. Men are now coming up to support women's empowerment efforts, precisely how women in the 1800s envisioned the world.

Let's all honour, respect, and adore all the amazing women in our life on this International Women's Day, whether they are your mother, wife, or daughter. Let's demonstrate our pride in their achievements and commitment to building a world free of all ills for women