Role of schools in development of a child

17 Apr, 2019

The children of today are gearing up to become future ready. The growth is parallel to the future of a country reflected through quality of the present education system .A school must stimulate curiosity in the young impressionable minds .And equip them with tools to be better human beings .School is the first avenue of socializing for a child. With schools children are not only exposed to new ideas but also to some aged compatriots. Schools play a vital role for the Holistic development of a child and build their future by teaching them moral values and manners.School turn a child into an into an intellectual and responsible citizen. Moreover by organizing various activities which are associated with culture and tradition they help them to gain the knowledge about their country. As a result the physical and mental development is enhanced. It provides platform to children in every field ,be it dancing ,singing or academics .Besides this it also helps them build confidence within themselves.Schools provide every opportunity for students to achieve their aim it helps the child to groom towards excellence so that they are able to succeed now a days education has become child centered many schools are concentrating not only in the child's academic but also extra curricular activities schools are making every effort to build the brighter tomorrow for today's youth.