A warm and hearty welcome to 'LA MONTESSORI SCHOOL KELHELI.' My heart and soul bow down out of immense pleasure and pride. It is a great honor to lead our dynamic learning community as the Principal under the mentorship of Mrs. Lalita Kanwar, MD Academics, who has set a benchmark in the field of education.

Education has proven to be the best when it nurtures and inculcates the best in every child. I strongly believe that every child is a special gift of God, and nurturing them is a meticulous task that has to be filled with love, compassion, and ample concern, all of which are deeply infused in our dedicated team of educators.

'Children are not to be molded but to be unfolded' so that they can bloom to their utmost potential.

Our students are the heart and soul of LMS, and we believe in nurturing their individuality, fostering their passions, and empowering them to become all-rounders. Each student brings a unique perspective and talent to our school, enriching our community in countless ways. Together, let's celebrate the diversity, resilience, and potential of our LMSians. I also take this opportunity to convey my gratitude to you for entrusting us with their education. Let's instill happiness, create a positive, loving, and caring environment for each and every LMSian so that education becomes a reason for joy and success for all.

Warm regards,

Ms. Arti Sharma
La Montessori School - Kelheli