Uniqueness in children

09 May, 2019

Cbse results are out again LMS outshine in the valley . Being the best school it has always proven it’s capabilities. Children in LMS are prepared for life , future ready . We have always tried to see every child’s need and then focus on the route to success. We in LMS believe that every child is unique and has his or her capacity to perform. We never judge children with the marks they score. Marks should never be the criteria for any school or parents. We have always focused on comprehensive progress of the child and always asked parents too for this . If a school ,a teacher or a parent will on believe in the uniqueness of the child there will be no progress . To be future ready life skills are more important then marks . Parents today pressurize the children to score more not even realising their abilities but being the best school we have always focused on the child as an unique individual. Today we want to spread this same message to all parents that life skills are important to be successful not marks.