Solar Energy

13 May, 2019

Sun the Hindu god,the heart of solar system,the biggest source of energy on Earth.Sunprovides the energy that influences the climate on Earth and enables the sustenance of all forms of life.Even before we knew about the concept about solar energy,plants used it as the source for synthesising food. Why solar energy is so beneficial? Solar energy is a renewable source of energy.It will never get depleted at any point in life and that is why it is an important source of energy in the world.It is free of expenses as it is naturally acquired,the only costs incurred are those related to application and structuring.It does not involve any chemical and hence is pollution free.Not only this,solar energy helps both the rural and urban population.There will be no problems regarding installation of electricity as well as it will save the cost.Many people have applied the principles of solar energy in designing water heating system,airconditioning,space cooling Etc. I am really proud to say that our La Montessori School,a prestigious school in the valley already has shown that it is future ready by installing solar panel and by using solar energy for street light. It has been a great era of modern society whereby solar energy has been appreciated through its applications.Everything has its pros and cons and we are definitely able to count the merits more than its demerits.Not only does it has environment friendly characteristics but it is also
renewable and inexhaustible.What a great deal,right?