Environment Day

01 Jun, 2019

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs but not every man’s greed” this was said by Mahatma Gandhi. This prestigious institution has given me the opportunity to express my views on 'Environment day'. World Environment day is celebrated on the 5th of June every year and is the UN's principle vehicle for increasing awareness and action for the protection of the environment.World Environment day 2019 will be hosted by China with a theme of 'Air pollution'. We can’t stop breathing but we can do something about the quality of air that we breathe. Approximately 7 million people worldwide die prematurely each year from air pollution, with about 4 million of these deaths occurring in Asia- Pacific. 92% people worldwide doesn’t breathe clean air and surprisingly, air pollution costs the global economy 5 trillion dollars every year in welfare costs. Ground level ozone pollution is expected to reduce staple crop yields by 26% by 2030.

Deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, agriculture activities are the main reason behind air pollution. Deforestation results in loss of trees and affects the air we breathe. As trees take all carbon dioxide and other pollutants which are known to cause many air problems. Sulphur dioxide emitted from burning of fossil fuels. And their overuse is killing our environment. Ammonia is a very common by-product from agriculture related activities and is the one of the hazardous gases in the atmosphere. Even after the efforts of government and NGO's the situation is getting worse day by day. So how can save our environment? If all of us put in a little effort we can reverse the situation.Simple practices like afforestation, use environmentally safe products, report illegal dumping and cutting of precious trees. We should love and care about our environment. Awareness should be spread regarding environment and should actively participate environment conserving programmes. So, we should give our heart and soul and use our creative minds to save our environment. “Each of us should participate in making this blue planet into green.” This kind of quality education should be imparted in all best faculties worldwide.

Arshiya Kamal