World Blood Donor Day

15 Jun, 2019

Every year, on 14th June we celebrate World Blood Donor Day and so we did this year too. The school’s morning assembly was dedicated to the occasion and we all we informed about the importance of being a donor. The school provided us with opportunities to not only learn about occasion but also understand the reason behind it.

World Blood Donor Day is a special thanks to those who have donated blood and an event to raise awareness about blood donation and its benefits. This day is one of the eight official global public campaigns marked by World Health Organization (WHO). A million of lives are saved every day around the world due to blood transplant and blood products.  In many countries there is no access to safe and sufficient blood.

In India only a few people are willing to donate blood and there has been a shortage of blood in the blood banks in hospitals. In the past decade there has been a gradual increase in the blood donations and around 350 millilitres of blood is donated. It is a positive step towards a big change.

Our school believes in holistic development so it also works to develop the students to be good humans who think of every living creatures whether it be another human or another organism. The school promotes blood donation and has worked to make the future generation a healthy and a worthy one.