11 Jul, 2019

“The glory of medicine is that it is constantly moving  forward , that there is always more to learn .The ills of today do cloud the horizon of tomorrow but  act as a spur  to greater effort.”

Medical Technology is a broad field that develops new technologies with the aim of improving healthcare facilities.It has grown from a simple cloth piece to a band-aid. In the ancient times the diseases were treated using traditional medicines and Ayurveda.As the human needs grew and with the evolution of technology modern methods of curing diseases came up .Modern-day machines like MRI,CT-Scan etc are  helping doctors to identify and cure  diseases with more precision. With the increased usage of EMR(electronic magnetic records), telehealth services and mobile technologies like tablets and smartphones, physicians and patients are both seeking the benefits that new technologies are bringing.With the help of technology , scientists have been able to study and identify disease causing pathogens on a cellular level and create antibodies like vaccines and antibiotics to fight and cure diseases. With the help of medical technology, cure to deadly diseases like cancer and tuberculosis has been developed and is being used to save millions of lives each year. The credit for all this goes to the scientists and doctors as it is rightly said-“ wherever the art of medicine is loved , there is also a love for humanity.”      

Gauri Vaidya