Examination fun and stress

09 Jul, 2019

Examinations are very stressful both for parents and us -the children. Schools around the country try and make the testing very simplified for the children for the youth of the country so that it becomes less stressful for them. In my schools, the best school of the valley La Montessori School, examinations are taken very seriously but teachers try to make it simple and stressful for children as well as parents. In our school teachers take regular test of lesson wise so the we do not feel the stress at the last moment because we have been through the chapters. To make us future Ready the school and teachers do a lot of hard work. We as children not feel the stress of examination as our school followed transparent system. Every parent and every child follow the norms so that this final day of examination is not stressful and burden for us . In this best school,  academic and co curricular activities have a balance and children enjoy every bit of a student life being in the best school La Montessori.


Class VIII