22 Sep, 2019

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

Earth is our home and we all ought to keep it healthy. Due to the recent activities of humans our precious home is gradually degrading and dying. The pollution has became a major cause of problems associated with our massive blue ball. Earth is home to everyone so each one of us should be a part of its conservation and rejuvenation. Our home is suffering and the reason for it is none other than humans and their greed. Everyone makes resolutions and takes vows to save our home but after some time they completely forget about it and continue to damage it. The people pretend they want to save the Earth and stop pollution but then why do they fail in doing it themselves? Everyday a new disease is brought up due to the condition of our earth. Every time the people vow to save earth but then again it never happens. Where does the problem arises? Answer is simple our day to day activities are the main cause of these problems. Let’s look back to when you throw garbage in rivers or when you do not separate biodegradable and non biodegradable wastes or when you use plastic bottles and then throw them away. These all are adding to pollution and doom of our Earth. Shoudn’t we try and save our own home? Mother Earth suffering from the hazards of modernization such as polluting of air and water bodies, large scale deforestation, illegal clearing of Mountain tops. We can save our earth by following means

  • Massive cleaning of Rivers, Oceans and other water bodies and preparing a master plan for waste disposal and dumping garbage in the right areas.
  • Making strict regulations on Environment protection especially in areas near the mountains.
  • Encouraging child centric events like Van Mahotsav amongst children and adults and sensitising them about the seriousness of the situation.
  • Regeneration harvest of a forest. A regeneration harvest is the term used in conformance with sustainable forest practiceswhich takes into account very broad social, economic and environmental goals.
  • And most importantly acting upon the resolutions 
  • Awareness among students about the issue at hand can be implemented by the best faculties at school.

Leaving everything aside let all of us vow to protect our Earth and to keep our word to save it .