Say No to single use Plastics

29 Sep, 2019

Plastic is a miracle material. Thanks to plastics,countless lives have been saved in health sector,growth of cleean energy from wind turbines and solar panelshas been greatly facilitated, and safe food storage has been revolutionized…But what makes plastic so convenient. In our day today lifes – it’s cheap – also makes it ubiquitous ,resulting in one of our planet’s greatest environmental challenges.Our oceanshave been used as a dumping ground,choking marine life and transforming some marine areas into a plastic soup.In cities around world,plasticwaste clogs drains,causing floods and breeding disease.Consumed by livestock,it also finds its way into the food chain..Plastic packaging accounts for nearly half of all plasticwaste globally, and much of it is thrown away within just a few minutes first use.Much plastic may be single use,but not means that it is easily disposable.when discarded in landfillsor in environment,plastic can take upto a thousand years to decompose….    

 Most plastics do not biodegrade . Instead they slowly break down into fragments known as microplastics . Studies suggest that plastic bags and containers made of expanded  polyestrene foam .can take upto thousands of years to decompose, containing soil and water..

The most common single – use plastics found in the environment are,in order of magnitude , cigaratte butts, plastic drinking bottles,plastic bottle caps, food wrappers ,plastic grocery bags,andplastic lids,strawsand stirrers,other types of plastic bags,and foam take-away containers…


  • Refuse single-use plastic and say no to excess packaging and other disposable plastics.
  • Reduce the use of wrappers and replace food packing wrappers by reusable lunch bag or box.
  • Ban it! and recycle it and try to use PETE and HDPE plastics because they are mostly recycled…………