Article 370 - Group Discussion in Class

19 Apr, 2018

For the holistic and skill deveArticle 370 LMSlopment of the children along with quality education various activities are performed. Class X had a special view point on the controversial Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. Children like Manan, Ritgaya, Prateek and Vartika were few 

in the class with a balanced view. They feel that this article has created a country with in a country.  They have there own flag, constitution, P.M. etc . If this article is removed it would lead to demographic change in the valley and reduce their negotiating powers with the Indian government. Some feel that it prevent the development of the state. Stops the spread of industries and employment. Ladakh and Jammu regions feel discriminated due the Kashmir region. Class X wants that it should be removed and as other hill regions get the special powers J&K too should have that only not the special Article 370.

Views of Manan, Ritgaya, Prateek and Vartika