Construction of four lane road Boon or bane

22 Jun, 2018

Himachal Pradesh a land of hills, meadows ,tribes and endless beauty. These days construction of road NH21 is going on, Children are  future ready  to discuss this on a local platform.Arshiya class 9 feel that construction of roads lead to development of the country. History has proved it immense times. The four lane road will improve the traffic jam situation. It would provide all weather connectivity to tourist destinations like kullu and Manali and further upto Leh. It would reduce the distance by 38 kilometres there by empowering people , students and tourist. It would result in saving fuel and depreciation on vehicles. Further it would be more safe as number of tunnels are proposed on this lane. Increase local employment and lead to holistic development of the state. well developed roads are associated with development.

But there is a flip side too. It has involved in site clearance,sub base,road base, displacement of people,their houses ,shops and above all thousands of trees are cut . It leads to deforestation and further results in warning of environment in the hills. So where are we heading holistic development no we are not on the way of sustainable development. Government should look into the matter of environment seriously. Also rehabilitation of people who are displaced. Hope for our future generations some thing would be saved.