Youth and school

23 Nov, 2018

Today in this 21st century ,youth is considered the future of the nation. It has the capabilities to turn the world. Schools play an vital role in this ,Vietnam or India both have the history in which youth played a vital role to create these nations. Being in the best school of the valley is every child’s dream . Schools make kids future ready. Every where schools work on the holistic development of the children. Today knowledge can be gained from anywhere as Eklavya  did . But what Arjun did under the guidance of the teacher and Gurukul is great history. This is the power of school and teachers in the character building of the children. But some where today’s youth is forgetting it’s value. All educators around the world feel that we need to know about are roots only then we can succeed in life as an individual ,nation and a world. But these are missing in today’s youth nevertheless we still have hope as we have the best schools in our country.