Brain and Behaviour

02 May, 2019

There are four lobes in our brain that control the way our behavior is. The Frontal Lobe is associated with being able to have higher mental abilities and play a role in our sense of self. It is also responsible for the control of movement. In my school, La Montessori School, teachers focus on the development of the frontal lobe by encouraging positivity, time management, altruism, sports, activities etc.Hereditary and how we are raised affects our behaviour and nature. Also, the neurotransmitters i.e. chemicals of the brain are responsible for our behaviour and mood. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t responsible for our behaviour.The environment that we are brought up in severely affects our personality and behaviour and our school has been able to maintain a healthy environment for the students. The school not only focuses on academics but also on sports, creativity, yoga etc. The school tries to enhance the mental self-discipline of an individual and enlightenment of the mind of students in every aspect. The school believes in teamwork, good mental health and healthy approach towards every opportunity.