11 Apr, 2019

When a child starts using intimidation, violence and aggression to solve problems, it's normal to feel frightened, angry, isolated, ashamed or disbelieve that it is even happening .As we frequent ly remind parents, there is no excuse for abuse even if your child is going through a tough time. This type of behavior is never acceptable . The increase in the incidents of violence by teenagers is rising at an alarming rate. Firstly the reason for this is there is no outlet for energies. Not only the suffering pressure of students but also the need to excel in schools give rise to this kind of behavior . Therefore, the youth becomes frustrated and intolerant. Secondary due to the excessive use of Smartphone's there is a reduction in interaction of kids w ith their parents. Although teachers in school deal with these kids tactfully but the influence of visual l media like films, televisions, computers and newspaper is more. For some children though it is possibly a way of getting attention. Another major factor for the violence is ridicule, taunts, or bullying by bigger boys or senior boys. The declining family values and social norms is yet a concern. Violence among the kids can be overcome by focusing on the emotional intelligence of the students. As long as the school ls imparts such va lues as compassion ,good will ,respect ,love and tolerance the kids will be patient and kind. There is a dire need to handle issues like Anger Management and conflict resolution. We can overcome this by fostering outdoor activities like sports and excursions. There is an utmost need to focus more on student teacher relationship rather than on electronic gadgets. Specia l counse lling sessions for students can also be very helpful . Lastly parents should cater to child's emotional needs and ta lk to them regular ly and show care and affection.