LMS is committed to being ONE CLEAR VOICE with great PRIDE, PASSION and PURPOSE providing a safe HARBOUR OF HOPE for ALL dedicated to raising the bar to the NEXT LEVEL while making an impact on children with a relentless effort to be CHILD FOCUSSED.
VISION: LMS is committed to producing active citizens by providing students with a 21st century quality education enhanced by technology, innovation and collaborations.


  1. LMS shares all responsibility of assisting in developing character, personal responsibility, humanitarianism and respect for both our students and others.
  2. LMS Staff is committed to the continuous improvement in teaching, leadership and accountability of our success.
  3. LMS educational purpose is to lead, guide and direct the leaders of tomorrow in the best direction possible to be successful in the future.

For parents and teachers, it is our commitment to adopt ways and means to channelize the talent and energy of a student into creative community building.
With this Noble sense of purpose, may I request all staff, parents and well-wishers to join hands as we take LMS to great heights.