At La Montessori School, we believe in providing a learning environment that is not only academically rigorous but also fosters personal growth, character development, and a love for learning. Our dedicated faculty and staff are committed to nurturing the intellectual, social, and emotional well-being of each student.

As the principal of La Montessori School, I am proud to be a part of a community that values excellence in education, embraces diversity, and encourages collaboration. Our school is more than just a place of learning; it is a vibrant hub where ideas flourish, talents are discovered, and lifelong friendships are formed.

We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive atmosphere where every student feels empowered to reach their full potential. Our commitment to student success extends beyond the classroom, with a wide array of extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports programs that cater to diverse interests and talents.

We look forward to continued growth, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence. Together, let us create a learning journey that is memorable, enriching, and transformative for every student.

I encourage you to explore our school website to stay informed about upcoming events, important announcements, and the various opportunities available to our students. The website serves as a valuable resource for parents, students, and staff alike.

Warm regards,

Ms. Nisha Thakur
La Montessori School- Nerchowk