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    For holistic development discipline is very important at the school level. At LMS we the students are given ample of opportunities to empower ourselves and be future ready.Investiture is one such activity at our school. We start with writing

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    Best out of waste

    In this ever changing world , protecting the earth is need of the hour . EnvironmentalistsAre worried that if today’s generation don’t realise the need of this we have a great problem ready for all of us. We need to be future rea

  • Nov


    Youth and school

    Today in this 21st century ,youth is considered the future of the nation. It has the capabilities to turn the world. Schools play an vital role in this ,Vietnam or India both have the history in which youth played a vital role to create these nat

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    No HW till class 2

    Holistic development, future ready and empowering children is the dream of any best school. In this process homework has its own importance. But what about the tender age of 5,6. Madras High court directive comes as a saviour for these Angeles in

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    ‘YOGA TEACHES  US TO CURE WHAT NEED NOT TO BE ENDURED AND ENDURE WHAT CANNOT BE CURED’ Human beings are made up of three components—body, mind and soul corresponding these there are three needs—health, knowledge and

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    What is International Solar Alliance? ?

    The International Solar Alliance (ISA) was unveiled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and then French President Francois Hollande at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Paris on November 30, 2015. The idea was to form a coalition of sol

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    Fury of river Beas

    Kulu Manali residents witnessed the fury of beas for the first time after 1995. Right from Palchan village near Rohtang  Pass downstream to Aut in Mandi district. Flooding river caused extensive damage . Environmentalists feel that there sho