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  • May


    Brain and Behaviour

    There are four lobes in our brain that control the way our behavior is. The Frontal Lobe is associated with being able to have higher mental abilities and play a role in our sense of self. It is also responsible for the control of movement. In my

  • Apr



      “Only when the last of the animal horns, tusks, skin and bones have been sold, will the mankind realize that money can never buy back our  wildlife.” Said Paul Oxton and we are about to face this situation really soon. T

  • Apr


    (ISRO)- Breaking extraterrestrial boundaries

    The advances made by our country in the fields of science and technology have been tremendous over the last decade. A 3rd world nation conquered the grounds of a foreign planet where only the US had been able to make its mark and we didn’t

  • Apr


    My earth

    Earth has everything for our need but nothing to satisfy our greed. Today man has become greedy and destroying the earth not realising that he will be destroyed himself. Now the responsibility to save the earth comes to the present generation ,to

  • Apr



    For holistic development discipline is very important at the school level. At LMS we the students are given ample of opportunities to empower ourselves and be future ready.Investiture is one such activity at our school. We start with writing

  • Mar


    Best out of waste

    In this ever changing world , protecting the earth is need of the hour . EnvironmentalistsAre worried that if today’s generation don’t realise the need of this we have a great problem ready for all of us. We need to be future rea

  • Nov


    Youth and school

    Today in this 21st century ,youth is considered the future of the nation. It has the capabilities to turn the world. Schools play an vital role in this ,Vietnam or India both have the history in which youth played a vital role to create these nat

  • Oct